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Canterbury Seismic Instruments
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Canterbury Seismic Instruments
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Christchurch 8041
+64 3 3690263

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 Returns Procedure (RMA)

CSI manages its warranty obligations through our local Distributor. CSI will not deal with or communicate directly with the Customer, unless expressly agreed to by the Distributor.

1.  If a Customer believes a product is faulty, they must contact the Distributor and notify them of the problem

2.  The Distributor must then inform CSI of the problem. CSI and the Distributor will agree a repair plan

3.  CSI will issue an RMA number; the Distributor completes the RMA form (here) and then returns the faulty product to CSI.  CSI will not accept returned product without an RMA number and completed RMA form.

4.  CSI will assess the faulty product; the assessment will either confirm warranty coverage, or, if not, the charges associated with the repair.

5.  On the Distributor accepting the assessment, and repair charges if applicable CSI will proceed.

6.  CSI will then repair the faulty product or part and returns it to the Distributor


Warranty and Licensing

Product Limited Warranty

All products manufactured by CSI are subject to the following LIMITED WARRANTIES, and no others.

CSI warrants only to the original purchaser, for 12 (twelve) months from the date the product leaves the premises of CSI, (subject to the limitations set out below), that the product shall be free from defects of materials and workmanship in the manufacturing process.

A product or part of a product claimed to be defective must be returned to the place of purchase. CSI, at its sole option, may replace the defective product with a comparable new product or part or repair the defective product or part.

Product Software License Agreement

The software programme in CSI products is licensed not sold. CSI grants the user a license for the programme only in the country where the programme was acquired. No other rights are granted under this license and the programme may only be used on one product at a time and must not be re-engineered, copied or replicated. If the programme is transferred a copy of this license and all other documentation must be transferred at the same time. The license may be terminated by the user at any time. CSI may terminate the licence if the user fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this license. In either event the copy of the programme must be destroyed.

Product Software Updates

The product contains a user-configurable software programme, which is updated by CSI from time to time. The user must ensure the current correct version of this programme is obtained from CSI and installed in the product prior to use. The user is solely responsible for the setup and testing of all user-configurable features.

Warranty Exclusions and Disclaimer

This Product limited warranty is not transferrable and shall only apply in the event and to the extent that (a) the Product is properly and correctly installed, configured, interfaced, maintained, stored, and operated in accordance with CSI's applicable operator's manual and specifications, and; (b) the Product is not modified or misused.

This Product limited warranty shall not apply to, and CSI shall not be responsible for, defects or performance problems resulting from (i) the combination or utilization of the Product with hardware or software products, information, data, systems, interfaces, or devices not made, supplied, or specified by CSI; (ii) the operation of the Product under any specification other than, or in addition to, CSI's standard specifications for its products; (iii) the unauthorized installation, modification, or use of the Product; (iv) damage caused by: accident, lightning or other electrical discharge, fresh or salt water immersion or spray (outside of Product specifications); or exposure to environmental conditions for which the Product is not intended; (v) normal wear and tear on consumable parts (e.g., batteries); or (vi) cosmetic damage. CSI does not warrant or guarantee the results obtained through the use ofthe Product, or that software components will operate error free.

The above warranties are the full extent of the warranties available on the product. CSI has no liability to the original purchaser or any other person for any loss, injury or damage to persons or property resulting from the use of the product or any failure of or defect in the product whether by general, special, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, exemplary, punitive, or any other damages of any kind or nature whatsoever. CSI specifically disclaims and disavows all other warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, all warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, warranties of description, warranties of merchantability, trade usage or warranties of trade usage.

Standards Terms and Conditions of Sale

1 Warranty

1.1 The Seller warrants the Goods for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery.

1.2 The above warranty does not apply to any damage caused to the Goods by external forces or from the Goods not being maintained in accordance with operating instructions.

1.3 No claim shall be made for any consequential loss. Any claim shall be limited to replacement of the parts of the Goods which are defective.

1.4 Any defect must be notified to the Seller within 10 working days of the Buyer becoming aware of that defect.

2 Payment

2.1 All payments are in New Zealand dollars unless otherwise specified.

2.2 All payments not made on due date shall bear interest at 12% per annum calculated on a daily basis.

2.3 Any freight and insurance from Christchurch New Zealand shall be payable in addition to the purchase price.

2.4 Any damage in transit shall not be the responsibility of the Seller.

3 Performance of Goods

3.1 The Seller warrants that the Goods will perform in accordance with the performance data available from the Seller or published on the website of the Seller.

3.2 The Goods are not designed or tested to operate in hostile environments, including, but not limited to, use in explosive, high voltage, marine or other environments with a similar degree of potential hazard

4 Use of Goods

4.1 The Buyer will have responsibility and liability for the purchase and installation of all additional plant and equipment to operate the Goods. Any defects or damage caused by the Goods by such plant and equipment shall be the responsibility of the Buyer.

5 Title to Goods

5.1 Title to the Goods shall not pass until the Purchase Price has been paid in full. The Buyer authorizes the Seller to register security interest in the Goods under the Personal Property Securities Act 1999 to protect payment of the purchase price.

6 Delivery of Goods

6.1 The Seller will deliver the Goods to the Buyer within 14 days of the date specified in the contract. The Seller will not be responsible for any delays in delivery occasioned by events beyond the control of the Seller including, without limiting the same, shortage of components and materials, strikes, lockouts, acts of god or delays by contractual manufacturers.

7 Agency

7.1 No statement or representation made by any agent acting on behalf of the Seller shall be binding on the Seller unless confirmed in writing by the Seller.

8 Assignment

8.1 If the Buyer sells the Goods the benefit of these terms and conditions shall terminate.

9 Disputes

9.1 In the event of a dispute between the Buyer and Seller the dispute shall be governed by the Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce governing arbitration. Each party will submit to arbitration under those Rules.

10 Notices

10.1 Notice may be given by post, email or facsimile with answerback. Notice will be deemed to be given if delivered to the address of the party shown overleaf or if given to the facsimile or email address shown overleaf.

11 Applicable Law

11.1 The laws of New Zealand apply to this agreement and both parties submit to the jurisdiction of the New Zealand Courts.

12 Disclaimer

12.1 Canterbury Seismic Instruments Limited products have not been designed, tested, or manufactured for use in any application where failure, malfunction, or inaccuracy carries a risk of death, bodily injury, or damage to tangible property, including, but not limited to, use in factory control systems, medical devices or facilities, nuclear facilities, aircraft, watercraft or automobile navigation or communication, emergency systems, or other applications with a similar degree of potential hazard.