CSI: Effectively and safely managing Earthquake Response

What is EQResponse?

Christchurch 2010-2013: 15,000 earthquakes.  185 deaths, $50B material damage, $100M per day downtime costs, 2 decades of life disruption

Justified? Unavoidable? Won't occur again?  Seddon 2013, Kaikoura / Wellington 2016... heightened seismic activity continues. 

Are we learning?  Kaikoura 2016:  More information than ever before, but still not enough with huge spatial variation.  Critical information not reaching decision makers in time, or not understood.  Massive uncertainty and risk regrading effects on buildings and infrastructure

There is no substitue for direct measurement:  Understand shaking effects directly - don't estimate or guess.  Make defendable decisions from robust data

CSI's EQResponse solutions instantly report actual shaking: building-by-building and metre-by-metre.  Critical evacuation and re-occupancy decisions are supported by site specific data, with an instant comparison to design loadings.

  • Eliminates reliance on “gut feel” or crude estimates from distant stations
  • Improves “all practicable steps” Health and Safety compliance
  • Eliminates unnecessary evacuations
  • Minimises re-entry delay, downtime and costs
  • Increases insurance confidence: premium discounts, more assured and faster settlements
  • Improves customer and employee confidence
smartphone with spectral display 

How does EQResponse work?

how it works


The right solution for any application - simple to complex

simple to complex solutions

 Ground Response: compare shaking input to building design limits Standard structure: measure shaking input and simple building response  Custom structure: add different sensors to directly measure critical structure characteristics 



Useful information, when its needed

Alert messages by email / SMS to the ER team.  Visual displays for non-technical users.

Scenario 1: Business as usual, visual inspection only

Scenario 2: Immediate evacuation, expected onset of non-structural damage

Scenario 3: Immediate evacuation, expected moderate to major non-structrual and structural damage

Limits decided with the building's structural engineers

 alert messages

Why CSI?

With over 15 years' experience, more than 200 GeoNet systems and many more commercial installations, CSI is the only nationally-recognised provider of Earthquake Response solutions. More than 50,000 people live, work or play in facilities protected by CSI.

We live and breathe our values, to deliver a safer, more seismically aware and resilient society. It is not simply a matter of technology and data collection; proven through the trials of the Canterbury, Seddon and Kaikoura earthquakes, we put people and our customers first. We truly understand what delivers real benefits to you, the local community and our nation.

Proven through Christchurch earthquakes, CSI knows what delivers real benefits.

We know what is fit-for-purpose. We know what works.