guralp-rgbStrongly complementing and enhancing CSI's CUSP Product range, and expanding our reach into new market sectors, CSI is pleased to parner with Güralp Systems of the UK.

Founded in 1985, Güralp has been at the forefront of broadband seismic instrumentation for over 30 years. Headquartered 50 miles west of London, UK, Güralp's dedicated team of over 100 staff designs, manufactures and delivers products, services, systems and solutions for a wide range of applications including oil & gas , seismology, civil engineering and energy.

Güralp achieves global reach through its network of international distributors; CSI is the exclusive distributor of Güralp's product range for the following territories:

New Zealand




Cook Islands

Niue Island

New Calendonia


Western Samoa

Solomon Islands


 bsslCSI is proud to partner with New Zealand's leading independent team of highly skilled earthquake engineers and building performance interpretation experts.  

Recognising the need to integrate CSI structural monitoring systems wih the requirements of your structural engineer, our partnership recognises that you and your engineers need to make accurate, robust decisions – you do not want to be "swamped with data". With BSSL, we customise our system outputs to the requirements of your engineer, producing short form reports that present key engineering performance indicators in plain language.

Offered as an Enhanced Features Option to the standard features of CSI systems, BSSL's unique, proprietary, analysis and interpretation software offers unprecedented insight into the performance of any structure - all in near real time:

bssl capability
  • Emergency alerting conditions based on actual building response
  • Overall building and inter-story drift estimates
  • Continuous tracking of structural dynamic properties
  • Instant identification of changes in structural characteristics
  • Automatic feature updates