CUSP-3: Single point measurement

The CUSP-3 is our range of Strong Motion Accelerographs. The CUSP-3 contains one internal triaxial MEMS accelerometer, and is ideally suited to seismic ground motion and simple seismic response applications. Proven over 15 years of use with the most demanding customers, the CUSP-3 is fully featured for both commercial and research oriented users. Completely internet integrated, it is simple to configure and use - even for the non-technical user. Fully supported both locally and globally, the CUSP-3 provides fantastic value.

cusp-3 open


CUSP-Ms: Structural monitoring

Utilising our revolutionary M-series firmware, the CUSP-Ms is designed for the most demanding structural monitoring applications.  With up to eight sensors of multiple types as standard (16 and 32 sensor options) the CUSP-Ms is a highly configurable system that brings a diverse range of sensor technologies onto a common communications backbone and outputs a single, synchronised, time-aligned, data-set.  This results in cohesive and highly-synchronised data, providing unprecedented fidelity of motion, stress and strain on a structure.

  • Multiple sensor types - Standard and high sensitivity accelerometers, Borehole accelerometer, Satellite positioning systems (GNSS-RTK),Strain (gauge, optic),Pore pressure (pressure sensor or piezometer),Fluid depth,Wave height,laser and radar range-finding,3-D wind speed,rainfall,climatic – pressure, temperature, humidity. 
  • Analogue and / or digital sensors in any combination
  • Single stream time stamped data output, synchronised to UTC
  • Low power, low loss RS422 sensor comms.

The CUSP-Ms is the world's first system dedicated to providing a complete structural monitoring solution in one package.   Globally deployed and recognised, the CUSP-Ms is the critical enabling system for most bridge and dam projects.

cusp-ms with sensors




borehole probe with cable


 CUSP-Me: Dense data monitoring

Utilising the same M-series firmware as our world-leading CUSP-Ms, the CUSP-Me hardware platform and communication prototcol is specifically intended for integration with an existing building ethernet system.  With an unlimited number of sensors of mutiple types and functsion (yes - really!) the CUSP-Me offers complete plug and play functionality.  Utilising standard network adminstration protocols and tools, set-up, maintenance and operation is simple for any competent IT team.  All installation hardware is ubiquitous and industry standard.

Cheap and easy to install, the maximum quantity of detailed, time-synchronised data, with full CSI support globally and locally, the CUSP-Me is the only choice for the most complex projects.

 cusp-me with sensors


Guralp Products

Strongly complementing and enhancing CSI's CUSP Product range, and expanding our reach into new market sectors, CSI partners with Güralp Systems of the UK. Founded in 1985, Güralp manufactures and delivers products, services, systems and solutions for a wide range of applications including oil & gas, seismology, civil engineering and energy.

Güralp achieves global reach through its network of international distributors; CSI is the exclusive distributor for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

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