September 2010. CUSP-3A and 3B accelerographs of the Canterbury Network (CanNet), recorded the majority of the dense set of accelerograms from the September 4th, 2010, M7.1 Darfield, NZ Earthquake, including the 1.25g Greendale record, about 400m from the surface trace.

Installation of CanNet, a network of about 80 strong-motion accelerographs in the central South Island of New Zealand, was the aim of Canterbury University Seismograph Project (CUSP), which led to the design and production of the CUSP range of instruments, conceived around modern electronics and Internet communications.

By the time the Darfield Earthquake occurred, GeoNet had taken over CanNet, and Canterbury Seismic Instruments Ltd had been formed to manufacture and to continue development of the CUSP instruments.

Further information about CanNet and its history is found in the October 2010 issue of “GeoNet News”.

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