CSI releases new generation borehole accelerometer

CSI is proud to announce the delivery of its first new-generation product.  Our technical teams has been working hard; the CUSP-BOR borehole accelerometer is based on our proven CUSP-3D accelerometer on an all-new technology platform, with integrated compass heading, pitch and tilt.  In line with out philosphy of Smart Motion Measurement, the CUSP-BOR is designed for simple installation, configuration and use, and it integrates seamlessly with our CUSP-M data recording technology.  Additional sensor options (eg. pore pressure) can be easily integreated into the package.

Specifically intended to help understand the behaviour of soft surface soil layers, the borehole accelerometer is best deployed in conjunction with co-located surface accelerometers.  Mounting evidence from the Canterbury earthquake sequence of 2010-11, in addition to subsequent earthquake effects in Marlborough and Wellington, makes it clear that surface instrumentation provides only part of the picture.  Our first borehole accelerometer will be installed as part of the GeoNet Building Instrumentation programme, adding further detail to the instrumentation system in place at Christchurch Women's Hospital.

More information can be found on our downloads page here.  Contact CSI for pricing and delivery details.

There's a lot more coming from CSI - keep an eye on this space for future products and services!


borehole probe with recorder